Tiger Balm weiss


The healing power of plants from the Far East. Worldwide, millions of individuals trust in a formulation that has been known for millennia. Based on lore, the formulation uses camphor, menthol and the pure-plant active substances clove, cajeput and peppermint oil. Each individual active substance develops its strength on its own in a variety of clinical conditions.

For rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, lumbago, back pain, sports injuries such as sprains, muscle soreness, strain traumas and contusions. For colds.
For slight headaches (TIGER BALM® white-mild).


TIGER BALM® red-strong
TIGER BALM® white-mild
TIGER BALM® Oil (contains methyl salicylate in addition to balm)

This are pharmaceutical products. Available without a prescription in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland. For further information: www.swissmedicinfo.ch

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