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Sulgan®-N prevents and eases hemorrhoids

Sulgan®-N preparations are pharmaceutical products with a broad spectrum of action for the local treatment of hemorrhoids. Sulgan®-N eliminates pain, itching and burning, inhibits inflammation and thus eases pain caused by hemorrhoids. Internal and external hemorrhoids, such as anal fissures and anal eczema, are treated rapidly and effectively with Sulgan®-N ointment, supplemented by Sulgan®-N medicinal towelettes. Internal hemorrhoids are treated simply and effectively with Sulgan®-N suppositories.
Sulgan®-N is available in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland as an ointment in tubes of 30 g and 50 g, suppositories in packages of 10 and 20 units, and as medicinal towelettes in a practical, 25-unit toilet dispenser, and as individually packaged sachets (10 units) for travel.
Sulgan®-N is a pharmaceutical product. Seek guidance from a medical professional and please read the package leaflet.
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