Why choose to work at Doetsch Grether?

True values

We believe it is essential to show our appreciation for all our employees every single day.

Fostering talent

We create a work environment that allows our employees to develop and display their talents. In return, our employees offer commitment and motivation.


We foster a supportive environment for our employees in their day-to-day work – after all, they are the key to our success. We facilitate the balanced development of their professional, social and managerial skills, and help them complete the training programmes they need to get ahead.


We lay the foundations for successful teamwork across all business segments and actively work to ensure that internal expertise and knowledge is interlinked.


We prioritise transparent, unbroken communication and endeavour to keep our communication and decision-making channels short.

In the centre

Doetsch Grether is a medium-sized company in the heart of Basel. So our employees do not have far to travel at the end of a working day.



Currently there are no vacancies available.

Stephanie van de Velde

Brand Managerin

„Bei Doetsch Grether habe ich die Möglichkeit den Erfolg des Unternehmens aktiv mitzugestalten.“

Michelangelo Matarese

Systemtechniker IT Services

„Meine Arbeit in der IT ist sehr spannend, innovativ und abwechslungsreich. Nicht umsonst arbeite ich hier seit bereits 29 Jahren.“