We are a strong partner for distribution and marketing throughout Switzerland

The company assumed responsibility for the distribution of Grether’s Pastilles – now a globally recognised brand – in 1930. Today, Doetsch Grether ranks among the top 10 Swiss companies in the consumer health sector.

Thanks to its high level of brand awareness and excellent relationships with pharmacies and chemists, Doetsch Grether guarantees exceptional distribution within Switzerland. In key accounts and distribution, we can look back on a long and successful track record in the retail sector. Well-trained and experienced field service teams work with specialist stores and physicians to establish optimum communication channels with these target groups.
With our marketing expertise, we manage a range of globally renowned brands in Switzerland.

The following companies have relied on Doetsch Grether to market their brands and products for many years:

Protina, Haw Par, Union Swiss, Blistex, American International Industries.

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