Well-known brands in the pharma, OTC and consumer care segments

We manage well-known brands in the pharma, OTC and consumer care segments and distribute them throughout Switzerland and in international markets with great success.
Grether’s Pastilles® is our most important in-house brand. These pastilles are known around the world as a good-tasting unique treat that provides effective relief.
We also distribute Pernaton® and MUM® in international markets.

Sulgan®N is the market leader in Switzerland for over-the-counter medication for haemorrhoids. We are also highly successful at marketing our cold medicine brands in Switzerland, including neo-angin®, Liberol® and Calmerphan®.
Doetsch Grether is renowned for its proven marketing expertise in nutritional supplements, e.g. Omega-life® and consumer care products.

Aside from its own portfolio of brands, Doetsch Grether is a reliable partner for the marketing and distribution of international pharma, OTC and consumer care brands in Switzerland, which we manage with maximum professionalism and effectiveness. These products include Magnesium-Diasporal®, Magnesium-Diasporal® activ, Basica®, Tiger Balm®, Bi-Oil® and Blistex®.

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