We are proud of our history

2021Purchase the brand Kalium Hausmann®
2020Purchases the company Vita Health Care AG
2019Purchases the brands ceylor® and celeste®
2016Strategic focus on the area of healthcare and sale of the brands fenjal® and Gard®
2014Takes over distribution of the brand Blistex®
2013Takes over distribution of the brand Bi-Oil®
2010Purchases the brands Calmerphan® and Calmesin®
2008Takes over the licence for MUM® Europe and Middle East
2005Takes over distribution of the Tiger Balm® brand
2003Purchases the company Semomed AG with the brands Omega-Life® and Pernaton®
1988Takes over distribution of the brand Magnesium Diasporal®
1977Purchases the brands neo-angin® and Sulgan®
1976New Muttenz location for production of in-house products and processing of third-party orders, as well as operation of in-house microbiology and chemistry laboratory for quality assurance
1975Esther Grether assumes management of the company as a delegate of the Board of Directors after the death of Hans Grether shortly before his 64th birthday.
1963The distribution of fenjal abroad marks the beginning of the expansion of the International department.
1962fenjal Crème Bath Oil, the first product in the world to unite a oil with a bath product, is introduced as the first DG product on the Swiss market.
1934After the premature death of his father, Hans Grether assumes leadership activities and becomes the sole executive manager of the company in 1947.
1926The company moves to the historic building at Steinentorstrasse 23 in the heart of Basel, built in 1797.
1904Richard Doetsch and Oscar Grether found Doetsch, Grether & Cie AG, which expands business operations to include wholesale pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.
1899Foundation laid with the opening of a pharmacy in Basel